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A system for measuring plausibility. Of course, these ranks are all arbitrary, and as such should only be taken as a guide.

Note: This does not indicate the worth of a TL, just its plausibility.

Most PlausibleEdit

10: More plausible than OTL. This may sound strange, but considering the ridiculous coincidences that have appeared in real life, it is possible.

9: As plausible than OTL. As such, insane coincidence or luck is allowed, but is to be used sparingly.

8: Extremely plausible.

Average PlausibilityEdit

7: Quite plausible. Good Wanks can go here.

6: Fairly plausible. The author is allowed to have unrealistic events for the sake of the story. Usually, scripted timelines end up here.

5: Basic plausibility.

Poor PlausibilityEdit

4: Poor plausibility. The author uses too many coincidences or implausible events.

3: Worse plausibility. The author ignores logistics, or the actual will of HCs, etcetera.

2: Terrible plausibility. The universe runs off of the author's wishes, rather than logic.


1: While nothing is truly impossible, this is so implausible that it basically would never have a chance of happening in the real world. May be extremly funny, but is typically just stupid.

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