With the right Point of Divergence, it's quite possible to create a world that does not have or use tropes. Preventing Earth from forming should do the trick. So should preventing sapient life, ending prehistory. There are good reasons you don't see many ATLs about those universes.

With the right POD, good world-building, and maybe some Alien Space Bats, it's possible to create a world that uses almost any other trope That Other Wiki has a page for. They have pages for all the tropes they know about, so feel free to click over there if you're curious. We'll still be here next week.

No POD, and no amount of world-building, will spare you from having to use at least one of these tropes when you write an alternate history. Their names are industrial standards. People will lampshade their use.

These are the tropes that are so important and recurring, they bear talking about here.

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